Stand Spotlight: CAUW

Stand Spotlight | 10/04/2021

Karen Clark
Development and Operations Manager

This is one post in a series made possible by a grant from Capital Area United Way. The grant allowed Stand for Children Louisiana to provide direct cash transfers to twelve qualified members to support quality early education and/or continuing adult education.  

Back in April, we shared that we were one recipient of Capital Area United Way's grant to provide direct assistance to ALICE families. Now, we are proud to share the stories of the families who received the direct cash transfers. Like millions of families across the country, recipients of these direct payments faced financial challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many were also impacted by recent flooding or the very recent Hurricane Ida. Despite these challenges, members never stopped showing up for their community, fighting for high quality education for their children, and contributing to important commuity conversations. Their efforts have made a positive impact in the educational journey of their children and the community at large. 

As you will see in a series of Stand Spotlights we will publish over the coming weeks, recipients of the direct cash transfers used the funds for professional growth or for tuition at quality early education centers for their children.

Here is what some recipients had to say upon receiving their gift:

“This gift is a true blessing.”

“Thank you so much for helping us in our journey back to the top!”

“This gift means a great deal to me and my family as we get back on our feet.”

“This gift means someone cares. It means I can see the end of the tunnel. It means I’m appreciated.”

“Stand and CAUW have been a huge help to me and my family, and to many other families across our hurting community.”

“I am very grateful and appreciative for the help and for what Stand and CAUW are doing for our community.”


Thank you, CAUW, for making this project possible, and for our fierce members who continue to show up and stand up for our students every day.

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