Stand Spotlight: Brenda Christopher

Parent & Family Engagement, Stand Spotlight | 12/10/2020

Brenda Christopher
Stand Member

Since 2015 I have been a dedicated member of Stand for Children and the East Baton Rouge Parish community but - above all - I am proud to be a grandmother. I have always known education is key to success for my grandchildren. That’s why I committed to Stand for Children as soon as I learned about the organization, because I want to have the skills and passion necessary to advocate for my grandchildren’s education.

Helping parents have their voice heard matters to me. Stand for Children empowers us to do this. I hope you will continue to support Stand for Children Louisiana for parents and grandparents like me.

Through my involvement with Stand, I have had the opportunity to learn the skills and tools necessary to successfully advocate for our Parish’s students and their needs. I have been able to help other parents understand how they can advocate for their own children. Stand has allowed me to take an active role in my grandchildren’s education.

 Last winter I was proud to be a part of the group of parents, grandparents, and educators selected to have sit-down conversations with some of the finalists for the role of Superintendent of East Baton Rouge Parish. This was important to me because I believe that the hiring the right superintendent is crucial to ensuring we have a leader who’s got a clear understanding of East Baton Rouge Parish and the needs of our children.

During these challenging times the work we do with Stand is crucial. Now more than ever we need to empower parents to advocate for their children’s needs.  With Stand for Children I can continue to encourage other parents and grandparents to find their voice.

Will you stand with us today?

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