Stand Renews Call for Bernard's Resignation

Current Events & News | 06/22/2020

Alex Deiro Marketing & Communications Director

Alex is the Marketing and Communications Director for Stand Louisiana.

Stand for Children Louisiana Renews Call for Connie Bernard to Resign Immediately and Urges Other Board Members to Call for Resignation

Baton Rouge, La. (June 22, 2020) — The following is a statement by Carrie Griffin Monica, Executive Director of Stand for Children Louisiana, issuing a renewed call for East Baton Rouge Parish School Board Member Connie Bernard to immediately resign her seat representing District 8.

“Over eighteen months ago, when video surfaced of Connie Bernard placing her hands around the neck of a teenage boy in a neighbor’s home, Stand for Children Louisiana demanded her immediate resignation. While she stepped down as the board’s Vice President she refused to resign.”

“Following recent deeply offensive statements made in a televised interview regarding the proposed Lee High name change, and the blatant disrespect she showed to members of the community at last week’s school board meeting by shopping online during heartfelt testimony about why the name change is so important, we are renewing our demand that Connie Bernard immediately resign from office and committing to lead any efforts necessary to ensure her resignation or removal. Additionally, we are calling on her fellow board members to demand her resignation.”

“Connie Bernard should have stepped down two years ago. Her racist statements and inappropriate actions make her unfit to govern a diverse school district such as East Baton Rouge. Fellow board members must unanimously and immediately call for her resignation rather than allow her prejudice, poor judgment, and callous disregard for children and families tarnish their own reputation and actions on behalf of students.”

“If Connie Bernard does not do the right thing and resign, we at Stand for Children Louisiana are fully committed to leading an effort to remove and replace her with a leader who believes Black lives and voices matter and truly stands for children.”


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  • Connie Bernard needs to resign from the East Baton Rouge school board! I stand for her removal from the position otherwise!
    Leah Hindman

    June 24, 2020 1:26 PM