Stand Celebrates Wins in October Primary

Elections | 10/14/2019

Brigitte Nieland
Government Affairs Director

Stand for Children Louisiana is pleased to celebrate and congratulate the Stand endorsed Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE), House, and Senate candidates who were elected or made it to a run-off in this past weekend’s primary.  During this cycle, Stand for Children Louisiana’s parent, educator, and faith leader committee interviewed, endorsed, and supported 26 candidates.  In total, 24 of 26 Stand endorsed candidates either won outright on Saturday or are in a run-off to be decided in the General Election on November 16th.

“The hard work of improving educational outcomes for all students doesn’t take place in a vacuum. It requires bold, elected leadership pushing ahead and challenging the status quo - it requires bravery and courage to stand up for students, even if you’re standing alone. Every candidate we supported this election cycle embodies that bold leadership for students. We’re looking forward to working with each and every one of them to continue to improve education outcomes, expand equity, elevate the teaching profession, and increase access to a great education for all students,” said Carrie Griffin Monica, Executive Director of Stand for Children Louisiana.

Stand for Children Louisiana was proud to endorse and support the following candidates who outright won their races or who have made it to a run-off election in the November 16th, General Election:

Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE):

  • District 1 - Jim Garvey
  • District 2 – Kira Orange Jones
  • District 3 – Sandy Holloway
  • District 4 – Tony Davis (elected unopposed)
  • District 5 – Ashley Ellis
  • District 6 – Ronnie Morris
  • District 7 – Dr. Holly Boffy
  • District 8 - Preston Castille

Louisiana House of Representatives:

  • House District 39—Julie Emerson
  • House District 48—Beau Beaulieu
  • House District 66—Rick Edmonds
  • House District 70—Barbara Freiberg
  • House District 80—Polly Thomas
  • House District 88—Brandon Trosclair
  • House District 100—Jason Hughes

Louisiana Senate:

  • Senate District 6—Bodi White
  • Senate District 10—Kirk Talbot
  • Senate District 12—Beth Mizell
  • Senate District 15 – Regina Barrow
  • Senate District 20—Mike Fesi
  • Senate District 28—Heather Cloud
  • Senate District 36—Robert Mills
  • Senate District 37—Barrow Peacock
  • Senate District 38—Barry Milligan


Brigitte Nieland, Government Affairs Director, Stand for Children Louisiana said, “At Stand, we don’t play party politics.  The party and letter behind a candidate’s name have no place in our endorsement process.  The only thing our parents, educators, and faith leaders are seeking are bold leaders who will be innovative thinkers, willing to do the hard work of continuing progress for students and who - more importantly - put students ahead of adult agendas.”

Carrie Griffin Monica ended with, “With regard to BESE, Saturday’s results prove that Louisianans believe in the progress we are seeing for students.  Despite tremendous and continued pushback from the status quo, incumbents and those seeking a seat on BESE for the first time spoke loud and clear about why we’re seeing progress, their leadership on those issues, and their commitment to continue pushing forward a student – centered agenda.  And, Louisiana voters made sure their message was heard on election day - keep pushing boldly ahead with courage, replacing adult excuses with student-centered solutions and innovations that prepare students for a lifetime of success.”

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