Should I get my library card?

Parent & Family Engagement | 06/29/2021

Amanda Jones, M.Ed. +30
Teacher-Librarian, Live Oak Middle School

2021 LEAD Fellow | 2021 School Library Journal Librarian of the Year | 2020 Louisiana School Librarian of the Year

The answer is yes!

One of my earliest memories is of my mother bringing me to our local library 38 years ago to get my first library card. I would fill a bag with books and proudly hand over my card each week. The pride I felt in owning my very own library card is indescribable. That library card opened up a world of possibilities to me and was a window into other worlds. Walking into my library was like shopping without having to spend money. There were so many books to choose from and I could borrow them for free.

The research has always been clear that reading is important to the brain. Regularly checking out resources from your library can lead to more reading, so it’s no surprise that I continue to be an avid reader as an adult and work in a school library.

Now, modern libraries offer even more possibilities than I ever dreamed about as a child. Library cards are free from your public library and provide access to millions of resources: books, comics, magazines, audiobooks, movies, and more.

Not only can you check out these resources physically at your library, but you can also access these resources digitally on your phones, devices, and computers.

Don’t have a computer or wifi? You can borrow laptops and hotspots, too. Today’s public libraries even offer science kits, baking pans, zoo and museum passes, and musical instruments.

Library cards provide limitless possibilities.

Take advantage of your local library by signing up for a free library card today.

Be sure to celebrate and take a picture to post on social media to show everyone your new card. Tag @StandLouisiana and you may even see yourself on Stand's social media pages!

You will not be disappointed!

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