The Science of Reading is Making a Difference

Current Events & News, Early Childhood Education, Legislation | 01/18/2022

Karen Parrino
Kindergarten Teacher, North Live Oak Elementary, Livingston Parish

During the 2021 legislative session, Stand members sent a whopping 14,343 emails to their legislators in support of student- and family-centered legislation. 377 of those emails were in support of SB 216, which was passed and signed into law by Governor John Bel Edwards. Now called Act 108, this new law requires certain K-2 teachers and administrators receive training on how to teach the Science of Reading.

Veteran kindergarten teacher Karen Parrino advocated for HB 216 while it was making its way through the legislature, and taught classes on the Science of Reading over the summer. Here’s what she thinks about the progress we’ve made.

Once you learn to read, you will be forever free. -Frederick Douglass

"I am inspired by the quote above and know that reading can be a life changer for individuals. I am so grateful to Stand Louisiana for giving me the platform to advocate for the Science of Reading through SB 216. The Science of Reading is the research that reading experts conducted on how people learn to read. As an educator, I have spent years taking additional literacy coursework and becoming a certified reading specialist. I did this to learn how to best teach my young students to read. I know firsthand how important effective instruction in reading is for educators and students alike. Teaching reading is indeed a science, and it is vital that educators are trained on the Science of Reading before reaching the classroom. Unfortunately, many of us weren’t trained in the Science of Reading when we initially took courses or methods classes. This summer, I had the pleasure to teach a Science of Reading class to new education practitioners and I am now witnessing their growth in their classrooms. I believe the knowledge they received and learned is vital to the current success they’re having in their classrooms. Their training in the Science of Reading is indeed making a huge difference in teaching their young students how to read. It was an honor to advocate for the Science of Reading in 2021 and work toward ALL students in Louisiana receiving the high-quality instruction that they deserve."

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