Reflections on EBR Faith Partnership

Access to High-Quality Schools, Current Events & News, Parent & Family Engagement, Who We Are | 10/08/2021

Dr. Tony Jones
Co-Founder, United Faith Leaders

United Faith Leaders Co-Founder Dr. Tony Jones reflects on the Church and public schools after attending yesterday's Faith Partnership with EBR Schools Breakfast, hosted by EBR Board President David Tatman and Vice President Dawn Chanet Collins.

The Faith Based Community can be the ultimate network that covers and protects our youth and the education system while connecting our chidren to a successful future. One common denominator in communities = is the structure that we know as the Church. Children in the school system who attend this tight knit family are fortified by its longevity. Many times, families move across town, children change schools for one reason or another, but what remains constant is the Church. It is a glue that solidifies their existence by connecting their past and present with their future. What will happen when we connect this powerful system with our educational system? Nobody knows, but here in EBR, we are working on it.

United Faith Leaders are a group of more than 200 faith and business leaders in the Capitol area who are interested in securing access to a quality education for ALL students.


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