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Elections | 10/11/2019

Danielle Vallet
LSU Sophmore - Class of 2022

Danielle is a Sophomore at LSU pursuing Veterinary Medicine, an advocate for students, and an active voter!

Last year for the first time ever, I was able to vote. I remember how excited I was because I knew it was my first time and I know a lot of people don’t go to vote like they should. I’ll admit, the first time I went to vote I was slightly confused about the process but I had my cheat sheet with me, so I just looked at it and used it to help me remember who I wanted to vote for and understand how to vote.

As a young, African-American Woman, it’s imperative to me that I go and vote every opportunity that I get because it does make a difference. My vote matters and so does yours. That’s why I encourage everyone I know to vote and make your voice heard. So many men and women before me have fought for African-Americans and women to vote, and that fight isn’t lost on me. It’s my right to vote every chance I get.

I know a lot of my peers don’t exercise that same right as I do, going to vote might seem daunting or scary to some but I am here to tell you, it makes a difference and every vote is important.

When you look at society now is there not anything that you wish you could change or that you see that needs to be improved in your neighborhood, your schools, your city, your state or your country? Voting is the only way that you can make a difference honestly unless you choose to run yourself! Become aware of issues, be aware of who is running, and how it affects you. And please, go vote this Election Day for people who will fix what needs to be improved and take a stand for your community.

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