Sydney Brown
Stand for Children Louisiana Student Member

Sydney is a Junior at Baton Rouge High and an active student member and advocate!

As a student in East Baton Rouge Parish Schools, the choice for our next Superintendent will impact me the most. The application window is officially open and the search is on for the next leader of East Baton Rouge Parish Schools. We deserve a leader who will ensure that we all have access to a high-quality school and the supports that meet our needs and enrich our lives. Please take a moment and let school board members know what you would like them to prioritize in our next leader.

I have a wish list of the things I believe our next leader should be. I want a leader I can look up to! We deserve a Superintendent who is fiercely dedicated to making sure that I graduate prepared and with access to college and career education.

We need a Superintendent who will focus on turning around struggling schools, empowering great and proven school leaders, and someone who understands that kids are served best when they attend a school that meets their needs. Let school board members know which qualities our next Superintendent needs so they can ensure students like me succeed.

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