Moving Forward Together with a Smart Start

Access to High-Quality Schools | 04/15/2021

Coach Eric Brown

Parent Organizer, Stand for Children Louisiana

In February of this year, Stand Louisiana staff and volunteers completed a remarkable 608 surveys of EBR residents. As Parent Organizer and co-leader of this effort, I am proud to release the results of our efforts and provide context and next steps forward.

As you’ll see below, our poll collected thorough, useful data for our school system. With an even split between elementary, middle, and high school families, one theme remained consistent and stood out: families agree that learning gaps must be addressed, student needs must be met, and we must work hard and fast to help students reach reading and math targets. A key way to do this is supporting educators in their craft.

The Smart Start plan goes a long way to address these concerns. The plan also shows a commitment to community engagement and family empowerment which is exactly what we’ve wanted to see from our district for years. As a parent and family organizer, I am really excited about the full week of parent & family engagement. Here are the two slides Dr. Narcisse presented when talking about parent engagement.

The last few years – decades even – have been hard for our students, educators, and community. Now, we have a new leader surrounded by capable and passionate staff who want to engage with us and not in a business-as-usual approach. This is exactly what it will take – all of us working together – to close learning gaps and help students reach reading and math targets. Smart Start is exactly what we must do to deliver stronger results for all students in all parts of our district.

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  • As a middle school teacher, I am equally excited to see all students back in the classroom. This has been a trying year and it is in everyone's best interest for all students to be in class.
    Phyllis Alexander

    April 15, 2021 4:10 PM