Making the Most of a Pandemic Senior Year

Current Events & News, Parent & Family Engagement | 08/24/2020

JoI Johnson
Student, Stand for Children Member

JoI Johnson is an outstanding student athlete at Istrouma High School entering her Senior Year.

My name is JoI Johnson and I am a senior at Istrouma High School. I am a very hardworking 17-year-old, and this year is my last run with high school. I love school and especially my school (Dat I)! I am a dedicated Stand for Children member, I am a faithful school ambassador, magnet ambassador, Student Government member, basketball captain, and National Honor Society Member. These are some of my most valued commitments in school. I love my academics because it pushes me to challenge myself and make honor roll every time, and getting all A’s isn’t an average person's task!

School is something I’ve always enjoyed, and Covid-19 took the rest of my junior year away last year. I didn’t get my ring ceremony, letterman jacket ceremony, or to finish my softball season. It was hard and very emotional for me. I dislike this new way of life we’ve had to learn to live in. Ever since March the house and my yard has been my best friend. I workout everyday to stay fit but no fun, no swimming, no hanging with friends, no sports. It feels as if we have been at a standstill with a lot.

But there’s hope! I have gotten so excited my senior year has finally arrived and I am two weeks in! I know it is virtual and that is so different because learning from home can be a challenge. It makes me push myself harder to stay up, focus, have a strict schedule, and learn. I am already studying hard and engaging in all my classes to ensure I stay on track and pass. I have no time to slack. Also, I am hoping to be able to participate in my sports at some point with all of this going on, because it's my senior year and this is our second year of varsity to shine some more as a newer school.

Nothing always goes as planned so you have to make the best of what you got. I am actually focusing on positivity towards this year because hope is all we got and I am not going to give up that easily!

I was looking forward to Homecoming, the Fair, and Friday Night football games. But I don’t want to risk anyone's lives or put mine in danger. I would rather it be safe for everyone. Prom is this year and that is a big deal for me, I would love to go and make my experience the best. I have been just trying to keep my head high with all of this going on in the world. It's my senior year and I will make the best no matter if it is all virtual or not. We have to work together to learn, have fun, make memories, and enjoy what we can! 

With love, JoI J

Stand for Children Louisiana has released guidance for Preventing a Lost School Year, you can read more here.

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