LEAD Fellows, Teachers Step Up

Current Events & News, Teachers & Principals | 03/23/2020

Mallory Wall

Mallory is the LEAD Fellowship Coordinator and a former classroom educator

In this time of homeschooling and virtual learning, one thing is for sure: Teachers are Heroes! 

Right now, I am in the middle of facilitating Stand’s fourth annual LEAD Fellowship. And I just have to brag about the incredible work of LEAD Fellows past and present, the dedicated educators and administrators who are going above and beyond to be sure our students are served as schools are closed.

I hope you enjoy these uplifting stories of teachers putting in the time to serve our most precious resource: our kids.

  • Aaron Jura of Orleans Parish was on-site Monday from 5:30am – 11:30am preparing laptops and hot spots to deliver to students who don’t have access to internet or technology to learn from home.


Teachers from around the country have volunteered their time and talents to teach courses on Louisiana Virtual Academy to offer learning opportunities from certified teachers.

2018 Louisiana State Teacher of the Year Kimberly Eckert of West Baton Rouge hosted a Google Hang out with the incredible students of Educators Rising. They recorded themselves reading assignments for those who need their work read aloud. They continue to offer their time to read any new material aloud to assist educators as they transition to virtual classrooms.

So, if you know a teacher or see one while you’re out walking (from a safe social distance), stop and say thank you for going above and beyond – for taking on so much more than what’s required and truly caring for our students.  

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