I'm obsessed with Libby.

Parent & Family Engagement | 07/02/2021

Anna Hassan
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Have you heard of Libby? I am obsessed.

Libby is a free app that allows you to check out books, audiobooks, and other resources from your public library. If you haven’t already downloaded Libby, you should! You’ll need to be a member of your local public library (also free), to sign up for Libby (see recent blog post: Should I get my Library Card?). Then you have unlimited access to your local library’s entire catalog.

I’m participating in Stand's Summer Literacy Project and Libby’s selection keeps my digital & audio bookshelf fresh and keeps me excited about reading. I predominately enjoy the audiobook feature and love to tag books in the app for future reading.

Like your public library’s physical location, the books you borrow from Libby have to be returned by a certain date. But you can renew books and even join the waiting list if there is one book you’d love to read but all copies are currently on loan. The app will alert you when your book is available, or when you’re coming up on a due date and should prioritize finishing those last few chapters. I get very excited when my book becomes available and it always feels good to return a book early for someone else in our reading community to enjoy.

Libby keeps me company on road trips, flights, dog walks, and during household chores. I highly recommend you download Libby and check out everything it has to offer.

It’s possible your public library offers more than just books and audiobooks through Libby. I live in New Orleans, and my public library system lets me check out free passes to incredible local attractions like the New Orleans Museum of Art, the Audubon Zoo, the Insectarium, and the National World War II Museum. Tickets to some of these establishments are expensive and having access to these free passes is an incredible resource for residents.

I hope I’ve convinced you, and I hope you’ve already gone and downloaded this FREE app to give you access to your local public library’s complete offerings.

Happy reading!

P.S. If you aren't already participating in Stand's Summer Literacy Project, you're missing out! Together, we've set a goal to read 10,000 pages this summer. For every page you read, you get one entry into the drawing for $100 worth of books donated in your name to your community! Click here to sign up and here's the link to submit pages read.

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  • This is so good thank you for sharing
    Bryan brown

    July 4, 2021 10:43 AM