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Access to High-Quality Schools | 12/01/2020

Karen Parrino
LEAD Fellow & K-2 Teacher

As a teacher, it’s always been critical for me to advocate for my students. I know education is key to their success and I am passionate about ensuring all children receive a high-quality education regardless of what Parish they live in or what background they come from. As educators, we can often feel we are in our own little bubbles and removed from education policy but, thanks to Stand for Children’s Louisiana Educator Advocacy Development (LEAD) Fellowship, I’ve had the opportunity to take part in efforts that empower educators. Through the LEAD Fellowship, educators like me receive the essential tools and training we need to actively advocate for the policies and best practices we know work in our schools.

The bottom line is that educators know what is best for our students. The LEAD Fellowship has provided educators like me with the resources and skills we need to raise our voices and find our power, thereby encouraging lawmakers to make more informed education policy decisions.

Will you help more educators like me receive the support they need to be the strongest possible advocates for our children through the LEAD Fellowship?

Stand for Children Louisiana helps educators make a positive impact beyond our classrooms. Thanks to the LEAD Fellowship, I have learned how to connect with lawmakers and I better understand how important it is for them to hear from us. Teachers can make a difference and I’ve already seen tangible impact of my actions in my school. My work and my opinion matter, and the LEAD Fellowship has helped me cultivate that power. Stand for Children Louisiana helps close the gap between teachers and lawmakers, and you can play a vital role in sustaining this important work.

Today, please join me in supporting Stand for Children Louisiana with a donation as part of Giving Tuesday. The donation process is easy, and your support will allow us to make a difference in Louisiana schools. Please give what you can and ensure teachers continue to get the resources and tools they need to advocate for all students.

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