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Parent & Family Engagement | 12/23/2020

Chrisdelin Kelly Lyles

As a mother and educator, it’s always been important for me to advocate for our students. I know their education is important to their future success and I have always been committed to fighting for all our children to receive a high-quality education. I was first introduced to Stand for Children Louisiana when I ran for the school board in my parish and sought and received their parent endorsement. I witnessed how Stand for Children Louisiana empowered parents to ask tough questions and get involved in the endorsement and election processes.

This year has required parents and educators to take on so many new roles and advocate more than ever so our children have they need. Will you support us in empowering parents across the state with the tools they need to advocate for their children?

I officially joined Stand for Children Louisiana and the United Faith Leaders over two years ago to further empower parents and community members to advocate for our children. Stand for Children Louisiana creates platforms and opportunities for educators, parents, faith leaders, and other community members to be a part of the conversation about our community and our students. For over two years I have witnessed the power of teaching our community how to use their voice to bring about change.

Your tax-free gift will help Stand for Children continue to empower community members by providing training and opportunities.

Stand for Children Louisiana understands the importance of providing our community with the platform to have our concerns heard. For far too long members in our community have been underestimated and ignored. By empowering parents and community members, Stand for Children Louisiana has opened the doors to the rooms where decisions about our children’s education are made. Today, please consider joining me in supporting Stand for Children Louisiana with a tax-deductible donation. The donation process is easy, and your support will allow us to continue empowering our community and making a difference in Louisiana schools. Please give what you can if you are able and help us ensure our students receive the education they deserve.

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