EBR Leadership: Dr. Sito Narcisse

Access to High-Quality Schools | 01/15/2021

Nikki Dangerfield
Regional Organizing Director

Last night, the East Baton Rouge School Board selected Dr. Sito Narcisse as its next Superintendent of Schools. We congratulate Dr. Narcisse and look forward to achieving significant improvements and opening doors of opportunity for our children under his leadership.

Many of you have submitted your comments and concerns in advance of the school board's decision. You stood up for your children and voiced your plea for change in our parish. We must ensure that ALL children have a chance to learn and thrive. We must ensure ALL our students graduate ready for college or to embark on a career. We must prepare our children to succeed in a competitive world and have the tools they need to make it. We put our trust in Dr. Narcisse and look forward to working with him and his team to strengthen and build up East Baton Rouge schools with the best interest of our children in mind. The real work begins now.

We are thankful to our school board members for facilitating a thorough process that led to the selection of a highly qualified leader for the district. We encourage you to continue to communicate with members of the board and, now that they’ve made a selection, underscore what priorities are most important to you as Dr. Narcisse comes into his role. 

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