Does Louisiana Spend Enough on Education?

Access to High-Quality Schools, School Funding, Teachers & Principals | 06/14/2019

Clarence Osteen
Special Education teacher

Being a public school teacher in Louisiana means learning to do more with less. Less pay, less support, and less respect, all while striving to meet a high bar we’ve set for student achievement.

Classrooms are overcrowded, schools are under resourced, and student achievement is suffering. Is this the standard of education we’re willing to accept for our students?

For too long districts have struggled to direct dollars to the resources needed to keep up with rising costs – including failing to pay teachers their worth, causing many to leave the profession entirely.

We can’t afford to continue down this path. As dedicated educators, it’s time we use our collective voice to tell lawmakers to start valuing our life-changing work. Without concrete steps to elevate current educators and attract more college graduates into the profession, the state’s teacher shortage will only worsen.

Add your voice: Do you believe we are spending enough on public education?

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