Do You Believe Teachers Are Important?

School Funding, Teachers & Principals | 06/10/2019

Lacy Behl
STEM Teacher Chamberlin Elementary, West Baton Rouge, Port Allen, La.

As a STEM teacher, there's nothing I love more about my job than watching the wheels turn in my students' heads as they merge their creativity with science to solve problems. Building and programming mini windmills. Constructing a levee from Legos. I'm teaching today's kids to be tomorrow's leaders.

I know the critical role K-12 educators play in shaping our future and believe they should be paid their worth – do you?

Louisiana educators deserve more for the life-changing work they do every day. Yes, the legislature just passed a $1,000 per year raise, but that doesn’t come close to addressing the severe undervaluing of our work. Too many teachers are living paycheck to paycheck, on top of paying out of pocket to ensure their students have basic classroom supplies and access to technology.

I've seen too many talented colleagues leave the profession just so they could afford to support their own families. If our state truly values teachers, it's time to prove it!

Do you believe teachers deserve more than a $1,000 raise? Yes or no?

Let's send a message to our elected officials that it's time to raise up teachers!

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