Demand Better Representation for Our Children

Current Events & News | 08/16/2018

Tony Jones
Faith-based Organizer

I am appalled by what I saw from East Baton Rouge Parish School Board Member Connie Bernard this weekend. In an attack caught on tape, Ms. Bernard shows behavior and uses language that is unacceptable for someone who is supposed to represent our children.

Yet she has no intention of stepping down. I believe it’s time we demand that her colleagues on the school board call for her resignation instead.

To affect change as a leader, you must be mature. You must be able to sacrifice. You must commit to our children and you must focus. Adults do that. The attack from an elected official, chosen to represent students, against a group of young people is not a reflection of that leadership.

Stand with me and demand that Connie Bernard resign and allow someone with true leadership stand up for our students.

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