A Conversation with Dr. Narcisse

Current Events & News | 03/22/2021

Brenda Christopher
Stand Member

After joining the East Baton Rouge parent forum last week with Dr. Narcisse, I feel a renewed sense of optimism about the future of our students. During our time together, Dr. Narcisse reassured us that he is committed to improving both quality and access to opportunities for all our students, and addressing the systematic barriers many of our children face in our schools. 

I am particularly excited about the goals outlined in the Cradle to Career initiative, especially the one that will help students gain access to early college preparation. This is particularly important for our community where many parents and members of our community haven’t had the chance to pursue an education after high school. I’m excited about this effort and the role it can play in educating parents on how best to assist their kids in pursuing their educational aspirations. 

With this new leadership in East Baton Rouge, I am hopeful that, as my grandson begins his educational journey next year, he will receive an education that is filled with opportunities and preparation for success in life. It’s what all of our kids deserve. 

In the future, I hope you can join us in these important conversations with our education leaders. Our voices matter and I'm proud to work with leadership in East Baton Rouge who values our partnership and engagement so more kids can succeed. 

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