Stand Spotlight: Yolanda Braxton

Stand Spotlight | 11/24/2021

Yolanda Braxton
Parent Member

This is one post in a series made possible by a grant from Capital Area United Way. The grant allowed Stand for Children Louisiana to provide direct cash transfers to twelve qualified members to support quality early education and/or continuing adult education.

I joined Stand for Children Louisiana in 2013 because I understood how important it was for my community to organize in order to achieve equal and high-quality education for all students. During my time at Stand, I have volunteered in election canvassing, phone banking and public speaking all for the sake of supporting children’s education. My proudest memory being involved with Stand for Children is having had the opportunity to talk and educate other parents who have the same goals for their children as I do. Meeting other families has changed my journey since I have met people who want to advocate for the future we believe all students should have access to.  

I have had the opportunity to attend school board meetings and host watch parties with the guidance of the Stand Louisiana staff. They have helped me find my voice and endorse the right for equal education and access to resources. Additionally, I have attended other campaign efforts and have seen the positive change this has had in my community.  

The direct gift awarded by Capital Area United Way and Stand for Children Louisiana has been a blessing to my family since I have recently lost my job. This payment will be used to pay past-due bills and help further my children’s education. Thank you again to this organization – you would not understand how important this is to me! 

To ensure more parents like Yolanda can host and attend school board watch parties, click here to make a donation to Stand for Children Inc., our 501(c)(4) organization.

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