Stand Spotlight: Lacie Ranges

Stand Spotlight | 11/20/2021

Lacie Ranges
Parent Member

This is one post in a series made possible by a grant from Capital Area United Way. The grant allowed Stand for Children Louisiana to provide direct cash transfers to twelve qualified members to support quality early education and/or continuing adult education.

My name is Lacie and I joined Stand for Children Louisiana back in 2014 because I saw the need in my community to improve education for all children. I am a mother of six and I want my children to have the resources they need to succeed in school, and I believe that this organization is making steps toward positive change.  

During my time with Stand, I have become a leader in my community and have made an active effort to engage with my community. I have hosted events, attended school board meetings, and phone banked for upcoming elections. It makes me feel great to know that I have a voice in supporting my children’s education and helping them get what they deserve. 

The pandemic made it harder for me to know how I would be able to support my household of eight. I lost my job during Covid-19, and it was really difficult knowing that there was not a reliable source of income coming to my family. Thankfully, I received this cash assistance so that I can support my children’s education. I would like to thank Capital Area United Way and Stand for Children Louisiana for this gift. My entire family appreciates the support you have given us and other families! 

To allow more parents like Lacie to engage with their communities, click here and make a tax-deductible donation.


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