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November 4, 2021

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Educators from across the state selected to hone their skills as advocates for students and teachers.

(BATON ROUGE)—Stand for Children Louisiana announced today the selection of its 2021-2022 LEAD Fellows and its inaugural class of the Advanced LEADers Fellowship. For this year’s LEAD Fellows class, 30 educators from across the state took part in a competitive application process from which they were selected to take part in a six-month experience to hone their craft, study education policy, find and elevate their voice, engage with local and state policy makers, and advocate on behalf of all students.

The LEAD Fellowship and the Advanced LEADers Fellowship will be facilitated by Kimberly Eckert. Eckert was the 2018 Louisiana State Teacher of the Year and currently serves as Dean of Undergraduate Studies for Oxford Teachers College at Reach University and is an employee of West Baton Rouge Schools, where she serves as the Educators Rising Instructor and Innovative Programs and Instructional Coordinator. Eckert is deeply committed to building educator networks across the state, elevating educators’ voices, and ensuring educators are involved in every education-related decision being made in our state. It is with this experience and passion that Eckert is ready to grow her involvement with Stand Louisiana from participating in the LEAD Fellowship to leading it.

This year’s LEAD Fellows are:

Kelsye Baudoin, Librarian, Iberia Parish

Melissa Bordelon, Teacher, Avoyelles Parish

Robyn Butler, Teacher, East Baton Rouge Parish

Dr. Suresh Chiruguru, Peer-Coach, Calcasieu Parish

Sheila Collins, Teacher, East Baton Rouge Parish

Keisha Fleming, Teacher, Iberville Parish

Kalyn Gauthier, Assistant Principal, West Baton Rouge Parish

Marian Jackson-Scott, Former Teacher, Saint Landry Parish

Jamie Johnson, Literacy Coach, East Baton Rouge Parish

Dr. Jesseca Johnson, Assistant Principal, West Baton Rouge Parish

Jennifer Kelly, Region 3 Literacy Specialist, Ouachita Parish

Chef Elisha Knox, Restorative Coordinator, Dean of Students, and Community Leader, East Baton Rouge Parish

Daven Lewis, Teacher, Orleans Parish

Yulinda Marshall, Dean of Students, East Baton Rouge Parish

Dr. Tiffanye McCoy-Thomas, Curriculum Supervisor Social Studies, East Baton Rouge Parish

Janae Montgomery, Teacher, West Baton Rouge Parish

Joycelyn Poole, Dean, Orleans Parish

Hazel Regis-Buckels, School Leader, East Baton Rouge Parish

Tonya Rose, Teacher, East Baton Rouge Parish

Victoria Rosser, Director of Student Support Services, Orleans Parish

Khalil Roy, Teacher, Avoyelles Parish

Kyira Terry, Special Education Inclusion Teacher, West Baton Rouge Parish

Charlotte Tillman, District Supervisor of Middle Schools, Tangipahoa Parish

Anthony Turner, Teacher, Pointe Coupee Parish

Jennifer Underwood, Assistant Principal, Calcasieu Parish

Trinette Wallace, Master Teacher, Lafourche Parish

Armisha Washington, School Social Worker, East Baton Rouge Parish

Sarah Wehlage, Informal Educator, Orleans Parish

Keonte Wells, Teacher, Avoyelles Parish

Marie Wintz, Data Specialist, Central Community School System

"The LEAD Fellowship has equipped some of our state’s most effective educators with the information, tools, and connections they need to go beyond the classroom and positively impact the structures within our education systems. Louisiana’s students, families, teachers, schools, and communities have directly benefited from the work of past LEAD Fellows,” said Stand for Children Louisiana Executive Director Carrie Griffin Monica.

Teachers and administrators who have taken part in the Fellowship have felt the impact of the program and have been able to incorporate their learnings in their day-to-day work in the classroom.

“The LEAD Fellowship equipped me with the tools, knowledge, and access to policy makers while engaging on issues that will positively impact the students and families I serve for years to come,” reflected Aaron Jura, a multi-year LEAD Fellow, 2021-22 Advanced LEADer, previous educator in Orleans Parish, and current Curriculum Writer at Study.com.

The expansion of this program allows past Fellows to return as Advanced LEADers who will continue their advocacy journey and further elevate their collective voice to improve education throughout our state. Advanced LEADers will design and execute a project that falls within the Fellowship’s three areas of study: Literacy, Quality Schools for All, and Juvenile/Criminal Justice. Fourteen Advanced LEADers were selected by invitation and will leverage what was learned during foundational years of the LEAD Fellowship to gain more in-depth understanding of key educational initiatives that impact or support Louisiana’s students and educators.

This year’s Advanced LEADers are:

Faten Ahmad, Teacher, Jefferson Parish

Lacy Behl, Teacher, West Baton Rouge Parish

Wiley Brazier, V, Founder & Chief Education Officer, We Greaux People

Kristen Bruce, Teacher, Vernon Parish

Najoua Hotard, Teacher, West Baton Rouge

Lovie Howell, Librarian, Bossier Parish

Aaron Jura, Teacher, Orleans Parish

Julie Mayeux, Administrator, West Baton Rouge Parish

Nicole Nelson, Teacher and Instructional Coach, Caddo Parish

Karen Parrino, Teacher, Livingston Parish

Kacy Patin, Teacher, West Baton Rouge Parish

Mary Elizabeth Thibeaux-Clay, Administrator, St. Martin Parish

Lauren Trahan, Teacher, Vermilion

Hollis Wilson-Davis, Administrator, St. Mary Parish

“I remain inspired by the dedication, passion, tenacity, and strength shown by Louisiana’s educators and administrators every single day. I am a passionate supporter of teachers and think this year’s Fellows are capable of bringing about great, student-centered changes to our state’s education system,” said LEAD Facilitator Kimberly Eckert.

The LEAD Fellowship kicks off in November and will conclude in April for both new Fellows and Advanced LEADers. To learn more about Stand’s LEAD Fellowships, please visit http://stand.org/leadfellowship.

About Stand for Children Louisiana

Stand for Children Louisiana is a non-partisan education advocacy organization focused on ensuring all students receive a high quality, relevant education, especially those whose boundless potential is overlooked and under-tapped because of their skin color, zip code, first language, or disability. For more information, please visit www.stand.org/louisiana.


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