LEADing from the Classroom

Teachers & Principals | 02/27/2020

Karen Parrino
Educator & LEAD Fellow

Karen Parrino is a highly-awarded educator with over 25 years of classroom experience in early elementary

For the past four years, I’ve enjoyed being a part of the LEAD Fellowship. Through the Fellowship, I connect with my colleagues, from across Louisiana, on education issues that spark our passion. We meet digitally and in person throughout the year.

Most recently we got together on a crisp Saturday morning in January, to discuss our shared ideas and priorities around early literacy and learning. As a Kindergarten teacher, this is my favorite policy topic. I am so passionate about our little learners because I know that when they have a solid foundation in literacy, the sky is the limit for their success.

At the session, I enjoyed learning more about Early Childhood Education in Louisiana. I loved  being able to ask questions and chat in a relaxed and informal setting. Dr. Holly Boffy, BESE District VII member and former LA State Teacher of the Year, joined us. She was genuine, knowledgeable, and engaging, staying well-past her presentation to chat and answer all of our questions.

What I love about the fellowship is the focus on students. As Fellows, we work hard advocating for best policies & practices for our students. As an educator, I want to make a positive impact on as many students as I can. One of the most effective ways to accomplish that is advocating for policies that will affect the students of Louisiana. 

The LEAD Fellowship is made possible by the generous support of donations. Please consider donating to allow Stand for Children Louisiana to continue the work of supporting and elevating educators.

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