Stand Spotlight: Alean Walker

Access to High-Quality Schools, Parent & Family Engagement, Stand Spotlight | 02/20/2020

Alean Walker
Stand for Children Louisiana Leader

Ms. Alean Walker is a Stand for Children Louisiana Leader, mother, grandmother and former foster mother.

Here's what I heard from you.

For the past two months I’ve spent time out in our community canvassing and talking to parents, grandparents, and community leaders about what qualities they want to see in the Superintendent of East Baton Rouge Parish Schools.

Making sure that my community has a voice when it comes to our kids and schools matters to me. Stand for Children helps us do this. Will you donate today so Stand can continue to support our voices?

As I knocked doors, I overwhelmingly heard that parents want a high-quality school that meets their child’s individual needs. They want a proven leader who understands the specific needs of our children and families. They want someone who listens, knows how to address our struggling schools, and understands that this can’t happen with a one-size-fits-all system.

As an advocate, it’s my job to fight for the things that matter to my community, and your donation helps me and others continue this important work.

As a mother and grandmother of children in the EBR school system, I am heavily invested in making sure that board members choose a leader who will be accessible and focused on innovation and improving our struggling schools. We need someone who knows that every child deserves a school that meets his or her needs, and who has what it takes to make it a reality for every child.

Will you stand with us today?


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