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Access to High-Quality Schools, Teachers & Principals | 01/27/2020

Kita Tatum Brown
Mother and Stand LA Parent Member

Ms. Brown is the mother of three children who attend EBR schools and an active advocate for quality schools

We all agree that Leadership Matters - especially when it comes to our students. That’s why I have continued to ask school board members to prioritize choosing a new Superintendent of EBR schools who will prioritize supporting struggling schools, focus on innovative school models, and listen to families. The good news is, they’re listening!

Will you join me in saying thank you and reminding school board members what priorities matter to parents, grandparents, and advocates like us.

As the mother of three children in Baton Rouge Public schools, I know what it’s like to send your child to a school across the city just so they can attend an A or B school. That’s why it’s so important for me to see school board members hire a superintendent who has experience supporting and turning around struggling schools, creating a talented pipeline of school leaders, and using innovative models and techniques to make every school great.

Let’s tell our school board members we appreciate having a seat at the table and remind them what matters to us.

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