5 Tips to Encourage at Home Learning

Parent & Family Engagement | 07/22/2019

DeShonda Coleman
Founder, Academic Triumph

Ms. Coleman is the founder of Academic Triumph a total solution to enhance the academic achievement of all students

With just a few weeks left until students head back to school – here are a few easy tips from our #TuesdayTutoringTips series to help set your student up for successful learning at home!

  1. Give your child a ‘Job’ - Make sure your child is consistently completing that job.
  2. Post the job - This helps your child turn the routine into a checklist to achieve and complete their job.
  3. Be Prepared - Preparation teaches children how to manage their time and helps set a good precedent for your child.
  4. Set a routine and reasonable bedtime - Helps set a routine, allows your child to be prepared mentally and physically for every day and remember to stick to that bedtime!
  5. Be a coach - Be a coach and not a manager, if your child gets off track – help coach them back into the routine and good habits.

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