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Elections, Stand Spotlight | 01/31/2018

Alex Deiro Marketing & Communications Director

Alex is the Marketing and Communications Director for Stand Louisiana.

Celebrating Stand Education Superhero: Democrats for Education Reform Louisiana

For five years, Stand for Children Louisiana has fought alongside parents, partners, teachers and the community to improve education in our state for all children. But five years of Standing Strong takes time, perseverance and hard work.

Most of all – it takes a group of dedicated people who are committed to making their world a better place, and over the course of 2017 we would like to introduce you to a handful of those people who make this work possible, those individuals and organizations who fight for students and teachers – our very own Education Superheroes.

Democrats for Education Reform – The Partner You Want

DFER stands by us in every move we make to improve outcomes for Louisiana’s kids.

DFER is one of those partners you want in your corner. Their focus, like Stand’s, is always on kids. When we think about an organizing strategy, they ask: how will it affect our students? When we weigh the pros and cons of a new state policy, they look at the impacts on kids. And when we undertake a campaign, they are right there with us every step of the way.



During the November 2018 elections, Stand knew we’d play a big role in the school millage campaign, and we didn’t want to do it without DFER’s partnership. We worked with them to raise local funds, conduct public polling, create a YES on Millages A, B, and C video, send mail pieces highlighting the importance of sustaining funding for public schools, and conduct direct voter contact to protect small class sizes, funding for text books, and funding for proven dropout prevention programs.

For your partnership in securing adequate funding for our public schools, community empowerment programs including Education Leadership Institute, and making sure students are always the focus of any education-related decision, thank you DFER, for all you do!


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