Because Kids Can

College & Career Readiness, Teachers & Principals | 04/12/2017

Alex Deiro
Marketing and Communications Director

It’s a truth we don’t acknowledge enough. All students can learn, regardless of where they may live and what their soci-economic status might be like, as long as they have educators and school environments that allow them to achieve.

Many of these students come from different backgrounds, face a plethora of challenges outside of school, and some may not even speak English at home. But they have one thing in common, a team of dedicated educators who believe in them and their ability to achieve. There are more schools than you might think working hard to make sure that those students get what they need, are held to high expectations and succeed.

That’s why Stand for Children Louisiana has been working to highlight these schools that are beating the odds, overcoming challenges, and just doing the right thing for students.


Take a moment to read Louisiana Teacher of the Year Joni Smith’s reflections on one of these important school visits and what it means to her to be able to share their success and tenacity.

Thank you to Ms. Smith and the thousands of dedicated Louisiana educators and school leaders who believe all kids can.

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