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Elections | 10/22/2015

Eric Brown
Parent Leader

Coach Eric Brown is an invested Baton Rouge community and parent leader

Election Day is pretty important, and the upcoming one is critical when it comes to electing education champions to the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education for my kids and yours.

We have to cast our vote for leaders who will stand up for students on the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE).

I'll admit - like many people - up until a few months ago, I didn't realize how big of an impact BESE had on my life and the lives of my five children. BESE members are responsible for setting high expectations for our students, figuring out how to keep the best teachers in our kid's classrooms, and how to make sure even our youngest children are getting a smart start in life.

Hopefully now you understand why it is so important to vote for someone who will truly work for my kids and yours.

Electing an education champion to BESE means choosing someone who will stand up and fight for our kids. It means electing a leader who will make sure money is spent in the classroom where it's needed. It means choosing someone who will be a leader in our communities, someone who will listen to what our children need most and make sure students have everything they need to succeed.

Take a look at who parents and educators like me will be voting for to represent our children. And, please join me in electing education champions!


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