Parent Update on NOLA Superintendent Search

Parent & Family Engagement | 10/16/2014

Dana Henry
New Orleans City Director

Dana is a New Orleans native, father and New Orleans City Director for Stand for Children Louisiana

For more than two years, the members of the Orleans Parish School Board have fought, yelled, and wasted time looking for a qualified superintendent to lead the school system forward. For too long we let them get away with it. 

We know that many of you are frustrated too—and that’s why it’s time to take some action!

 Though parents with Stand for Children launched their own search for a skilled and valuable leader just two months ago, they have already found a recruitment firm to help them find the education champion who will help push for what’s best for children in Orleans Parish.

Watch as parent Jen Jenkins updates us on the progress of their superintendent search efforts. 

Parents aren’t the only ones taking notice though: have you taken a look at some of the local papers? They’ve started counting down—or rather counting up—the years, months, weeks, and days it’s taken this board to pick a qualified leader. It seems that everyone in Orleans Parish is getting fed up with the politics fueling the board’s superintendent search.

If you’re fed up too and ready to take some action, let the board know it’s not okay to play politics for two years when children’s futures are on the line!

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