Two years is too long to wait

Parent & Family Engagement | 10/06/2014

Dana Henry
New Orleans City Director

Dana is a New Orleans native, father and New Orleans City Director for Stand for Children Louisiana

For more than two years, members of the Orleans Parish School Board have pondered who they will hire as the leader of our school system.

If you think two years is just too long, take the time to let the board know how you feel.

So much could have been accomplished in those two years. It took builders just one year and 45 days to build the Empire State Building, an engineering feat! How is it possible that in that same amount of time, the OPSB hasn’t been able to come together for our students and do what’s right?

Parents with Stand for Children agree that two years is just too long. Watch as Stand Parent Leader Sharell Dupree reports on the progress of parents’ search for a highly qualified leader.

In just six weeks, parents have done what it took the board a full year to do. If they can secure a strong recruiter in just six weeks, why can’t the board stop playing politics with our students’ futures and do its job of finding a new quality superintendent to lead our system?

There is so much progress that our children have been robbed of in these past two years. Please take the time to tell board members that two years is just too long to wait for a quality leader.

If a building 103 stories tall can be built in less than two years, then why has it taken the OPSB more than two years to simply lay the foundation of a strong school system in Orleans Parish? 

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