NOLA Parents Are Picking up Steam

Parent & Family Engagement | 09/25/2014

Dana Henry
New Orleans City Director

Dana is a New Orleans native, father and New Orleans City Director for Stand for Children Louisiana

While the Orleans Parish School Board (OPSB) slowly continues its two-year search for a qualified superintendent, parents with Stand for Children are moving their own search along—as promised.

Take a look as parent leader Dorma Marchand provides an update on everything that’s been done by parents to find a qualified superintendent—in just ONE week.


Though it’s only been a week since our last update, parents have been hard at work finding a great leader for our children. We refuse to let one day go by without moving closer to our goal of securing a student-focused leader for our system. Like a car without a driver, with no superintendent, the OPSB and the school system have no one to steer them towards a better destination for students. Without a driver, the system—just like a car—will ultimately crash. It makes you wonder why our school board leaders have allowed this search to go on for two whole years with no leader in place.

Join us in telling the Orleans Parish School Board that two years without a leader is unacceptable and that we need a qualified driver in the seat? It only takes a few minutes to turn your words into actions that can have a tremendous impact on our system and students.

Let’s stand together and remind OPSB members that we’re not okay with them playing politics instead of taking care of the task at hand. Sign the petition today!


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