Parents are taking action on NOLA Superintendent Search

Parent & Family Engagement | 09/18/2014

Dana Henry
New Orleans City Director

Dana is a New Orleans native, father and New Orleans City Director for Stand for Children Louisiana

"Words may show a man’s wit, but actions his meaning.” —Benjamin Franklin

At Stand for Children Louisiana, our actions match our words. When Orleans Parish parents stood up at August’s Orleans Parish School Board meeting and told the board that they would be hiring their own recruiter to bring forward quality superintendent candidates for students in Orleans Parish, they weren’t joking!

This video update proves that our parents’ actions will always match their words!

In one month, parents have achieved what it took the OPSB almost one year to accomplish.

And while parents are continuing to move things forward as they said they would, the school board didn’t even discuss the search for our new leader at this week’s school board meeting. If actions speak louder than words, what does it tell you when the board isn’t even talking about it anymore?

Stand parents in New Orleans mean business! They won’t just talk about it, they will act!

Stand New Orleans parents are determined to get a leader for their children’s school system—and because the OPSB can’t put its own politics aside to do what’s best for kids, our parents will.

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