The 19 Things Stand Did in 2019

Who We Are | 12/30/2019

Karen Clark
Development Manager

2019 was a busy year for many reasons. Louisiana’s teachers were awarded their first pay raise in years, the Louisiana Department of Education was awarded $11 Million to create 600 new early childhood seats for low-income children, and - while we still have much work to do – Louisiana students continue to show growth in academic performance.

To celebrate the end of the year, we compiled a quick list of 19 Things Stand Did in ‘19 to put students first and support those working hard to ensure students’ needs are met.

I hope you’ll join me in celebrating these 19 accomplishments – and all those we couldn’t fit on this list – with a $19 tax-deductible gift today! 

  1. 429 parents and grandparents signed up as Stand members and are advocating for students!
  2. 3 statewide commission seats secured to identify ways to improve funding for early childhood education, accountability, and dual enrollment policies. 
  3. 3 live Q&A sessions hosted with experts around the state to reach 10,474 social media users with practical information including how to support your student’s transition from middle to high school and the basics of financial aid.
  4. 4 parents graduated from Stand’s year-long Fellowship and are now leading education workshops and engaging more parents.
  5. 10 community or education issues panels that included or was facilitated by a Stand team member.
  6. 10 quotes in news articles or television news segments talking about the importance of leadership, setting high standards, and elevating teachers and their profession.
  7. 12 visits coordinated and facilitated for legislators, school board members, and superintendents to high poverty, high performing schools around the state to showcase the amazing work being done with and for students.
  8. 12 Stand parents and community members supported and launched the Superintendent Task Force to gather community feedback and liaise with the East Baton Rouge Parish School Board and System during the process to hire the next Superintendent.
  9. 18 education champions graduated from the second East Baton Rouge Cohort of Education Leadership Institute.
  10. 18 local school board meetings and 8 BESE meetings attended by Stand members.
  11. 32 educators and administrators graduated from Stand’s LEAD Fellowship, a year-long program that develops participants into empowered advocates who elevate their voice for all children.
  12. 73 events hosted for more than 900 parishioners of United Faith Leaders to discuss changes to the local education system, the community’s desires for students, and leadership qualities needed in the next Superintendent of East Baton Rouge Parish.
  13. 81 educators provided with professional development and leadership skill building through an educator planned and executed, Stand sponsored conference.
  14. 127 workshops and events hosted for thousands of parents, grandparents, guardians, and community members to help them become stronger advocates for their children.
  15. 206 members of United Faith Leaders met with elected leaders about improving education for all students.  
  16. 650+ digital and written pledges acquired in support of strong leadership in East Baton Rouge Parish.
  17. $1,000 pay raise for all teachers and $500 pay raise for all support staff in Louisiana secured.
  18. 2,401 households canvassed, 4,927 text messages sent, and 7,119 phone calls made to parents and community members in East Baton Rouge Parish to discuss the importance of hiring a great, proven leader as Superintendent.
  19. 2,662 Orleans Parish residents connected with the Louisiana Department of Education’s survey measuring parent and guardian satisfaction with early education sites.


I am proud of the work of Stand for Children Louisiana in 2019. We have more work to do and are excited about 2020! Won’t you join me in celebrating these '19 wins with a gift of $19 today?

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