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Parents are taking action on NOLA Superintendent Search


"Words may show a man’s wit, but actions his meaning.” —Benjamin Franklin

At Stand for Children Louisiana, our actions match our words. When Orleans Parish parents stood up at August’s Orleans Parish School Board meeting and told the board that they would be hiring their own recruiter to bring forward quality superintendent candidates for students in Orleans Parish, they weren’t joking!

This video update proves that our parents’ actions will always match their words!

Our Statement


JULY 1, 2014We are here today as business leaders, teachers, civic leaders and parents to urge BESE to move forward with whatever actions are necessary to bring legal clarity to the issue of who has ultimate authority over academic standards and student testing.

Tell Governor Jindal to leave Common Core alone


He's about to do it. Governor Bobby Jindal is about to remove Common Core and PARCC from Louisiana against your wishes and then head to Iowa on Friday to brag about it.

Will you share this graphic on Facebook urging Governor Jindal to leave Common Core and PARCC alone?

We've delivered 6,000 petition signatures to him from parents and Louisianans across our state, but he continues to pretend that parents don't support Common Core and PARCC.

Tell Governor Jindal to leave Common Core alone.

Day of Civil Rights Trip


On June 25th, 175 New Orleans boys and girls, ages 11-16 (and 15-25 adult chaperones), will board buses to Birmingham where they will visit a number of important sites. The first stop is historic Rickwood Field, the oldest stadium in the country, where they will tour, have lunch and watch part of the once-a-year Rickwood Classic baseball game. Historic Rickwood Field (of the old Southern Association/League) was the former home of both the Birmingham Black Barons and the Birmingham White Barons, and the youth will learn how segregation impacted "America's Pastime".

What being a teacher means


I’m really lucky to have had many teachers who helped prepare me for the challenges of life by teaching me more than what was in the books. I learned compassion, dedication, and a strong work ethic from my teachers. Teachers work long hours to create the learning environments that help their students succeed. 

Why I say thank you


As a product of Jefferson Parish Public Schools, I have dozens of fond teacher memories that stick out in my mind. I literally mean dozens. As far back as first grade at Phoebe Hearst, I remember Ms. Dearie. I guess she taught the basics that were taught in first grade at the time, but I mostly just remember the kindness and love she exemplified, as if her name was perfectly selected.  

Show teachers that they matter!


A teacher’s job is never done. They’re the first ones in the classroom, well before the bell rings, and the last ones to leave, grading papers and preparing lessons late into the night. Too often we forget just how hard these men and women work to give our kids a quality education. That’s why we’re taking the week of May 5−9 to tell teachers and the community that Teachers Matter to us.

It's not ok


It’s been four years since Governor Jindal announced his support for Common Core and the aligned assessment. Last week he decided that he no longer wants all students to have the opportunity to achieve their dreams. 

We don’t think that’s okay, do you? 

For Evan


I have three boys: my one-year-old, my kindergartener, and my 5th grader. They’re all exceptional, but I have seen a change in the way that they have been taught since their school implemented Louisiana’s Common Core State Standards. And it seems like Louisiana’s teachers are ahead of the game when it comes to implementing the Common Core. 

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