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It's not ok


It’s been four years since Governor Jindal announced his support for Common Core and the aligned assessment. Last week he decided that he no longer wants all students to have the opportunity to achieve their dreams. 

We don’t think that’s okay, do you? 

For Evan


I have three boys: my one-year-old, my kindergartener, and my 5th grader. They’re all exceptional, but I have seen a change in the way that they have been taught since their school implemented Louisiana’s Common Core State Standards. And it seems like Louisiana’s teachers are ahead of the game when it comes to implementing the Common Core. 

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Geaux Higher, Louisiana


I work hard to help my kids succeed in school—and I know most parents out there are doing the same—but sometimes, getting the information I need to help them isn’t so easy. Fortunately, a new online resource has been launched to help parents, teachers, and Louisianans get information about Louisiana’s Common Core State Standards and how they can help students as they reach higher.

Why do you Geaux Higher?


Last week we launched, a website that takes you through everything you need to know about Louisiana’s Common Core State Standards. Stand and our coalition partners have been working hard to make information available so that parents and teachers can understand and implement the higher standards that will help students achieve their dreams. We have to help each and every child Geaux Higher—and we want to know what motivates you.

Elementary School Common Core Resources For Parents


There are multiple examples of what Louisiana's Common Core State Standards look like in the classroom. Stand has broken out examples of what students will learn in each year of their elementary school education so parents can stay up to date! 

Take a look at some of the things kids should be learning in their first years of schooling:

Yvette Armstrong Speaks Up for Higher Standards


Superintendent White, BESE Board Members, and Others: 

My name is Yvette Armstrong and I am the blessed mother of six children ages 16, 15, 10, 9, 5, and 4.  All of my school aged children attend New Orleans public schools.  Where one of my kids dreams of being a football player, another one dreams of being a doctor.  Still another of my kids loves math and wants to work in a job where he gets to do math all day every day.

Sharing Is Caring


One of the first things children learn is how to share. Whether it's their toys, their knowledge, or their favorite seat on the bus, they know that to show others that you care, you share what you have with them. 

Join us for the OPSB meeting tomorrow!


New Orleans parents know that a great superintendent can make a big difference for kids, so they’re not leaving the search for a new superintendent up to the school board alone. Already, New Orleans parents have met with the search firm that is recruiting the superintendent and provided input on what criteria the firm should be looking for. Now it’s time to provide community input to the Orleans Parish School Board.

Organizations Unite in Support of Louisiana's Common Core State Standards


Stand for Children Louisiana parents, educators, and members are pleased to join more than 20 other business, education, and advocacy organizations in releasing a joint statement in support of Louisiana's Common Core State Standards. In less than one week, more than 20 organizations have joined together in support of higher standards and are committed to making sure that citizens across the state know what these standards are, why they are good for students, and how they will drastically improve opportunities for stu