What We've Done

For almost four years now, Stand for Children Louisiana has brought together parents, educators, and community members to join together in the important work of fighting for great, student-focused education policies. Together we have supported and helped elect local school board leaders, Louisiana legislators, and Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education members who are focused on students and ensuring their success. We have continued to help protect higher standards and aligned assessments for the students of Louisiana. Join us.

In 2015 so far we have helped with supporting and pushing strong, student-focused policies at the district and state level: 

New Orleans

Stand parents advocated and pushed for two policies critical to achieving true fairness and total access for kids and parents in New Orleans. The first made it mandatory for every public school in the city to participate in the same common enrollment program called OneApp. The second stipulated that every school must provide mandatory free transportation to and from school for every child who needs it.

Stand parents also worked diligently to end a years long search for an Orleans Parish Superintendent after the elected board failed to do so numerous times, ensuring that the students in Orleans Parish would have a strong, focused leader to lead the city’s education system forward.

East Baton Rouge Parish

Too many children in East Baton Rouge Parish continue to attend failing elementary, middle, and high schools. With the introduction of a new superintendent for the 2015 school year, Stand parents were determined to see great changes for our students. As part of his list of policies, the newly elected Superintendent proposed lowering the GPA requirement for participating in extracurricular activities from a 2.0 to a 1.5 in an effort to expose more students to strong adult role models. Parents leaped into action to urge board members to create accountability within the policy change and mandatory tutoring. Their efforts were responsible for securing mandatory tutoring and an accountability system for the program.

Educator All Stars - Statewide

Stand for Children Educator All-Stars are found across the state of Louisiana. With more than 150 educators working and advocating for their students, parents, and profession across the state, Stand Educator All-Stars have made a tremendous impact in the lives of the children of Louisiana. Educator All-Stars worked tirelessly this legislative session to ensure that Louisiana maintained high standards and aligned assessments. More than a dozen Stand Educator All-

Stars were selected, through nomination of their peers and selection by the Department of Education, to serve on the standards review committees and subcommittees.

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