What We Do

How we work to ensure a better education for all children.

Family Engagement & Organizing

Empowering parents to organize and advocate allows the community to come together with supporters who share a passion for students and education. Those parents work to mobilize family, friends, and peers for educational equality. Learn more about family engagement and organizing. >

Policy & Advocacy

One of the largest influences on a child’s education is the policy surrounding their education. In order to make sure that every child graduates with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in college and career, adults must ensure that the best, student-focused policies are in place so that all children can reach their potential, regardless of background. Find out how we advocate for these policies. >

Electoral Work

At Stand, we know that bold leaders will stand up and make the best decisions for our students - that is why parents and community members work with us in critical elections to educate voters on candidates who will keep children at the center of their policy decisions. Read more about our electoral work. >

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