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Stand for Children is excited about our work in Louisiana—from the classroom to the State House—to mobilize people like you around a common goal of changing the odds for Louisiana’s children.

Our mission is to ensure that all children, regardless of their background, graduate from high school prepared for, and with access to, a college education.

Every child starts with a dream. In Louisiana, 77% of our fourth graders and 79% of our Eighth graders are unable to read at grade level. It’s time to right this wrong. If we want our children to achieve their dreams, we must first take a stand and give EVERY student a strong start, high expectations, effective teachers, high quality schools, and bold, student-Centered leaders. 


  • Advocated for and secured $5 million per year for New Orleans schoolleaders to invest wisely in the best interest of the students in their schools 
  • Advocated for adoption of local compensation policy that pays effectiveteachers more and incentivizes them to remain in the classroom
  • Advocated for and secured $3 million per year for East Baton Rouge schoolleaders to invest wisely in the best interest of the kids in their schools
  • Supported adoption of student-centered statewide legislation thatcreates more meaningful and rigorous requirements for teachers to earn tenure

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