About Stand for Children Louisiana

We believe ALL children and people deserve an equal opportunity to succeed in life. Education is the key that unlocks the door to success. Every child starts with a dream for the future.

In Louisiana, less than half of our kindergarten through third-grade students are able to read on grade level.

It’s time to right this wrong.

If we want our children to achieve their dreams, we must first take a stand and give every student a strong start, high expectations, effective teachers, high quality schools, and bold, student-centered leaders.

Our Mission

Stand is a unique catalyst for educaction equity and racial justice, to create a brighter future for us all.

Our Work

Stand for Children has 20 years of experience working with parents, communities, and partner organizations to mobilize around the shared commitment of improving public education for all students. Together, we advocate for strong education policies that best serve students at the local and state level, elect education champions who are committed to making decisions that are best for students, and hold public officials accountable for ensuring those policies are put into effect properly in public school classrooms. See what we do to accomplish education advocacy from the classroom to the capitol.

Access to a quality public education is a basic human right – one we are dedicated to protecting.

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