Louisiana Educator Advocacy Development Fellowship

The application period for the 2021-22 LEAD Fellowship has closed.

What is the LEAD Fellowship?

The LEAD Fellowship provides educators and administrators with opportunities to hone their craft, study education policy, find and elevate their voice, engage with local and state policy makers, and advocate on behalf of all students.

For the 2021-2022 school year, the LEAD Fellowship is launching a fresh experience for both new and returning Fellows. With a specific focus on teacher advocacy and understanding the key processes and factors that impact education, year one of the fellowship is designed to help educators identify the shifts from great teacher to teacher advocate.  With this foundational year gained, Fellows returning at various stages of their careers will then be invited to take part in Stand’s Advanced LEADers series, wherein they will participate in or develop advocacy initiatives to address areas of interest.

LEAD Fellowship v Advanced LEADers Series

The LEAD Fellowship is recommended for all education practitioners, whether you're a principal, teacher, administrator, para, resident/student teacher, and/or counselor. All experience levels, locations, and school types are welcome to participate. The LEAD Fellowship provides a foundational year grounded in learning about teacher advocacy, current issues in education, and the structures and roles throughout policy and decision making spaces. The intended outcome for those completing the initial year is greater knowledge, confidence, awareness, and intentionality in navigating and developing teacher advocacy.

The Advanced LEADers Series is available to those who have already completed the LEAD Fellowship and is invitation only. Advanced LEADers will be invited to gain more in depth understanding of key educational initiatives and design or engage in initiatives for impact or support in areas currently affecting Louisiana’s students and educators.

2021-2022 LEAD Fellowship Year at a Glance

The LEAD Fellowship kicks off in November and will conclude in April for both new Fellows and Advanced LEADers.

New Fellows will meet virtually on the third Wednesday of every month. Since every meeting builds on the previous discussions, it is important that Fellows attend every meeting. There may be pre- and/or post-work for every month’s topic.

Advanced LEADers will meet on the fourth Wednesday of every month.

Both the LEAD Fellowship and Advanced LEADers Series will be facilitated by 2018 Louisiana State Teacher of the Year Kim Eckert.

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