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Louisiana Educator Advocacy Development Fellowship



The Louisiana Educator Advocacy Development (LEAD) Fellowship is searching for Louisiana Educators who are looking to take their advocacy efforts to the next level through a structured eight-month long program that will empower participants to elevate their voices as advocates for all students.

The LEAD Fellowship provides educators with opportunities to engage with local and state policy makers, earn professional development credits. The best part about the LEAD Fellowship is that it doesn't take you "out of your classroom" - because the fellowship is designed to meet you where you are as a teacher, you can complete the entire fellowship without having to take a day off from your classroom! 


LEAD fellows will study five different areas of education policy through a digital course and engage in advocacy tasks around those policies. All education practitioners are eligible to apply, whether you're a principal, teacher, administrator, resident/student teacher, and/or counselor. 

  • Our formal application period opens in late August. To receive more information on the LEAD Fellowship, please click here.

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