Louisiana Educator Advocacy Development Fellowship



The application period for the 2021-22 LEAD Fellowship will open Fall 2021.

The Louisiana Educator Advocacy Development (LEAD) Fellowship is available to Louisiana educators and administrators who are looking to hone their practice and take their advocacy efforts to the next level. This structured seven-month program will empower participants to elevate their voices for all students.

What is the LEAD Fellowship?

The LEAD Fellowship provides educators and administrators with opportunities to hone their craft, study education policy, find and elevate their voice, engage with local and state policy makers, and advocate on behalf of all students.

“The LEAD Fellowship has broadened my education in the advocacy and policy world, and strengthened my voice on behalf of Louisiana's students. For the first time, I feel like someone is listening.”- Joni Reed Smith, 2017 LA Teacher of the Year and LEAD Fellow.

Components of the LEAD Fellowship

Digital Engagement

The Fellowship is conducted entirely online so you don’t have to spend a day away from your classroom or school. Fellows can manage tasks, meet with national subject matter experts, have meaningful dialogue, and keep up with Fellowship events without missing a minute of instruction time. Monthly virtual convenings serve two purposes, the first is to provide high quality professional devleopment catered to the needs and requests of the cohort memebers and second, to build Fellows’ awareness of education policy and opportunities for advocacy. Policy-based convenings feature local, state, and national experts and policy makers.

Face to Face Convenings

Small regional, in-person convenings may be offered during the 2021-22 Fellowship, depending on the latest medical guidance from the State of Louisiana and the Louisiana Department of Education. If it is not possible to host an in-person convening, a virtual experience of equal engagement will be offered. These convenings include professional development, policy study, best practice sharing, and networking opportunities. They are held outside of the school day. 

Advocacy Opportunities

The Fellowship offers many advocacy opportunities including regional conversations with policy makers, blog and Op-Ed tasks, media interviews, classroom visits, letter/email campaigns, and in-person testimony and advocacy. Fellows can choose the advocacy tasks they complete based on their interests and comfort level. 

All education practitioners are eligible to apply, whether you're a principal, teacher, administrator, resident/student teacher, and/or counselor.


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