Kathy Knecht, House District 21

Kathy Knecht is an independent thinker who puts people over politics. She answers to the people in her district, not to outside special interests. A well-established community leader, Kathy is a champion for public education, the military, economic development, and access to affordable health care. Kathy and her retired businessman husband have two successful, adult daughters. Kathy's experience as a teacher, school board member, and director of a non-profit corporation has equipped her to lead during challenging times and to make difficult decisions to ensure people are protected and investments are smart. 

In her own words: 

“First, all publicly funded schools should be held to the same academic and financial regulations and metrics. Growth should be appropriately measured and weighted. True success is gained when underachieving students are brought up to grade-level, making them much more likely to be successful moving forward.” 


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