Senator Kate Brophy McGee, Senate District 28

Kate Brophy McGee is a former Washington Elementary School Board President, an Arizona School Facilities Board Chairwoman, former member of the AZ House of Representatives, and is serving her first term in the Arizona Senate. She is a proven change maker who has a track record of improving outcomes for our kids. The most recent example is the legislative renewal of Prop 301, which was called “the most important bill in the 2018 legislative session.” It was presumed dead on arrival, but she helped get it passed with a supermajority and bipartisan vote. Senator Brophy McGee will continue to make equitable funding a priority, support legislation that reduces the reading crisis, and support English Language Learners. Additionally, her commitment to finding solutions for K-12 funding issues is unparalleled as she tirelessly works with stakeholders and legislators of both parties to develop options which are economically sound, provide accountability and transparency and provide the funding public schools need.

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