Joanna Mendoza, Senate District 11

JoAnna Mendoza is a retired Marine, mom, and native Arizonan. She’s a small-town kid from Pinal County who overcame incredible obstacles. Her childhood experiences working in the cotton fields forced her to develop a fighting spirit. While serving our communities as a congressional staffer, she noticed the struggles people continue to face in our district. JoAnna never planned to run for office, but she saw the need for elected leaders who will fight for Arizonans. She plans to dedicate her work to creating an Arizona where everyone can succeed, regardless of zip code – with access to a quality public education in safe and prospering communities. 

In her own words: 

Our teachers are essential to the growth and development of our children, and they contribute to the betterment of our communities. They deserve to be paid a salary that reflects the importance of their work and the amount of time and dedication that they devote to our children. Not the current situation in which teachers are commonly forced to work multiple jobs in order to pay the bills every month.

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