January 12, 2018 Policy Brief

A summary for those closely following the debate.

The Horizon: Key Dates

  • January 15, 16, & 18: House and Senate Education Committee Hearings
  • February 2: Policy Committee Bill Cut-Off
  • February 6: Fiscal Committee Bill Cut-Off
  • February 14: House of Origin Cut-Off


  • Senator Mark Mullet’s bill supporting High School Success, SB 6209, was  introduced this week in the Senate Early Learning and K-12 Education Committee. This bill would implement two of our legislative priorities this session: Academic Acceleration and Early Warning Systems/Dropout Prevention.
  • Senator Wellman’s bill concerning Breakfast After The Bell, SB 6003, has already moved into the Senate Education committee for executive session after being passed by the House this week in their first vote of the year.

Key Numbers 

  • Of the student cohort that would have graduated together in 2016, 25% of American Indian students dropped out before graduation (OSPI).
  • Black, Latino, American Indian and Pacific Islander students make up a third of Washington’s students but are grossly underrepresented in advanced classrooms, despite many being qualified to be there (Seattle Times).

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What We're Reading

Racial equity in Seattle schools has a long, frustrating history – and it’s getting worse – Seattle Times
For at least seven decades, Seattle Public Schools has pledged to eliminate the gaps in achievement between students of color and their white peers. But even as district leaders swear their latest efforts are more than just another round of rhetoric, the gaps continue to grow.

Washington House backs late breakfast programs at public schools – Spokesman Review
Some Washington public schools would be required to offer free or reduced-cost breakfasts to low-income students even if they arrive just before classes start, under a bill approved overwhelmingly by the House on Tuesday.

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