Teacher Excellence: A Great Teacher for Every Student

High-quality teachers make a huge impact

Who stands in front of the classroom every day has huge impact on the success of a student, both in school and later in life. Teacher Excellence embodies the belief that all children deserve a great teacher so that they are able to maximize their potential. To achieve this, states and school districts need to recruit, grow and retain excellent teachers so that they can be highly effective for children. We believe:

  • School districts should put forth district-wide plans for recruiting, developing, and retaining great teachers, including plans that first identify the qualities of an effective teacher, as well as provide strong professional development through early career training and continued career growth.
  • States and districts must have comprehensive employment plans for every stage of a teacher’s career from preparation to retirement.
  • School districts should have a clear and transparent process for ongoing fair evaluations based on multiple measures, including tied in part to student achievement
  • States and school districts should offer fair and competitive compensation and incentives in order to retain good teachers.
  • States and districts must ensure that the best teachers work in classrooms that have the most need.

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