Indiana Staff

Kimberly Dickerson


Kimberly was born and raised in Anderson, Ind., a small city where everyone either works for General Motors or leaves for college. She was lovestruck and refused to leave the city so General Motors, it was! After a 7 year stint at GM, she decided to begin the search for her purpose, and quickly discovered her love for children.

Kimberly often says she’s had the “fortunate misfortune” of being a mother in very different capacities in her life: the homeless mom, the abused mom, the unemployed mom, the underemployed mom, all of which has given her the capacity to connect with parents beyond the surface, and extend empathy and mercy while serving as proof that circumstances don’t have to be excuses. Circumstances can be your REASON.

Most recently, Kimberly served as the Parent Involvement Educator (PIE) for IPS schools, where her primary role was parent engagement.  She loved being responsible for creating and reestablishing community partnerships, connecting parents to resources, and providing solutions for some of the challenges that families faced in her school. She looks forward to her role at Stand that will allow her to focus on connecting with the parents and empowering them to use their voice. She is the proud basketball mom of an amazing college freshman, Bennie, and the taste-testing mom to a phenomenal 7th grade chef-in-the-making, Korynn.

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