IPS Parent Resources and Remote Learning Support

Most Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) students are learning from home until at least October. All children will have different levels of comfort with eLearning and each family has different needs during this unprecedented time.  

Below are resources parents told us they needed and we hope they help! If you have additional concerns about the 2020-2021 school year, let us know.  


Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) remote learning quick links 

IPS Back to School plan 


IPS Parent Institute 

If you missed the Parent Institute session on August 13, and want to know more about remote learning, watch it here.  

IPS remote learning quick start guides 


eLearning support and childcare resources  

IPS has stated they are working to collaborate with community partners across the city to support families that may have specific needs related to providing a supervised environment for their students. Below are alternative options.  


Some daycares are providing options for working parents and accept CCDF. If you have a child in daycare, the fees may be lower than you expect.  

The Mind Trust Community Learning Sites 

The Mind Trust invested $200,000 to create Community Learning Sites for Indianapolis families most in need of weekday, in-person eLearning support. Multiple sites will be located in central Indianapolis and all will be available at no cost to families. Sites will aim to begin operation no later than August 24, 2020. Find a site here.  

Like a Lion 

Like a Lion is transforming into an eLearning hub and creating free learning pods for students. Learn more about the eLearning hubs on their website.  

Crossroads Education 

Crossroads Learning Pods are small groups of students that meet in-person to complete their eLearning with the assistance of a professional Learning Pod Director (LPD). 


The YMCA is providing full day eLearning care for Indianapolis Public Schools families. CCDF is not accepted, but YMCA members may receive discounted rates.  



  • If you do not yet have technology from IPS, please call the IPS district office at 317-226-4000, or your child’s school.  If you have additional technology concerns, let us know.  


Do you have suggestions or additional concerns? Share them with us here.  

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