Worried about this school year

Access to High-Quality Schools | 07/22/2020

Lena Dickerson
IPS Parent

I have several children who attend Indianapolis Public Schools. Going into the 2020-2021 school year, I have a bonus daughter going into her sophomore year, a daughter going into second grade and a daughter going into kindergarten.   

As a fulltime college student and founder of a local up-and-coming nonprofit, my days are hectic. Between class, studying, work, time to focus on my non-profit and helping my children with school, I am exhausted at the end of my days. The stresses of the pandemic have only highlighted the challenges my family is facing and the worries I now carry over the education my children will or won’t receive.

My daughter going into the second grade wasn’t able to start school the year she turned five since her birthday is in the middle of September. I’m now worried that she is behind and she loves school. I’m worried that my daughter going into kindergarten will miss the important foundation of an in class experience.  I’m worried because I know my abilities and I am no match for the excellent teachers my children have had. I worry because I don’t have access to the internet, nor the technical know-how to properly get my children through days of eLearning.

All families have different perspectives on sending their children back to buildings, having them learn virtually or wanting a hybrid approach. My family needs may not be your family's needs. But as parents, we are all in the same boat. We all want our children to get caught up in school and we all want them to be challenged this academic year. As parents, we have to work hard and help each other to ensure that our babies get a great education this year and every year after.

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