Will agrees, these gaps are unacceptable

Elections | 10/21/2020

Jessica Bannon
IPS Parent

When people see an A-rated school—rarely will they look further than that. It’s misguided and unfair that some A-rated IPS schools have disproportionate results for students depending on their race. I support Will Pritchard because he will pay attention to who is being served (and who isn’t). He understands how funding things that allow teachers to more effectively individualize their instruction will benefit more students.

We shouldn’t have these gaps between white children and children of color in the district. It’s unacceptable. I believe Will Pritchard has a great plan to remedy this.

His plan includes hiring more diverse teachers and making sure our teachers are better compensated. I teach an upper level teacher education class so I see a lot of teachers who will go into the profession. They are largely white. This is partly a result of who is recruited into the teaching profession. Recruitment in general will be much more effective if great teachers are paid fairly. Will agrees with me -If we are to communicate that teaching is a valuable and rewarding career, we should back that up and put our money where our mouths are.

Will Pritchard is an IPS parent like me and I know he will listen and respond to this community. I also know he has a background volunteering on the IPS finance committee and understands the weight the pandemic has placed on the shoulders of the district. I believe he will carefully consider how funding is distributed across our schools and make sure the money IPS receives is used wisely and helps to close the opportunity gaps in the district.

I was a part of a parent committee that did an extensive evaluation of all the candidates running. Learn why the group of us selected Will Pritchard as our choice candidate for District 1. If you live in his district, make sure you don’t skip over his name when you vote. 

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