Why I’m tracking my daughter’s reading

Parent & Family Engagement | 07/21/2020

Irma Perdomo

The first book I ever got my daughter was “Beauty and the Beast.” She was only four years old and she would pretend to read it to her younger brother before she knew the words. She would look at the pages and invent her own stories.

Tracking my daughter’s reading this summer has meant I have been able to see all her growth. She is reading faster and better. She truly loves to read.

With that first book, my daughter used to ask me to read to her and tell me she really wanted to know what the words said. I couldn’t read in English and I couldn’t help her, but my amazing daughter told me, “Don’t worry mom, I am going to learn how to read super fast so I can teach you how to read in English.” My daughter is nearly eight years old and just like she promised, she is teaching me how to read English. She’s more interested in reading books in Spanish too.

Because we took the summer reading pledge and we are tracking her minutes, I am getting to see all her growth. We are working on grammar and the significance of it as she reads. My daughter is more excited to read than ever before and she is doing a lot more of it since we started tracking her minutes. If you’re not already, there’s still time to join Stand for Children in their summer reading campaign. After you’ve taken the pledge,  you can measure your child’s growth by tracking their progress here.

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